MythoLogical Software Dragon Bane
Pen Computing
March, 2001 Issue
"The depth of the game is like nothing else you will have encountered on the Palm to date. The environments are varied, the monsters and characters you encounter are many, and your characters actually grow and develop as you play the game... Even if you're only marginally interested in the RPG genre, Dragon Bane is a must have!"
September, 2001
"Dragon Bane is without a doubt the most advanced RPG for the Palm OS series handhelds. Palm Creations has found the perfect balance between difficulty and the satisfaction of whomping on bad guys."
Go Inside
Jan 18, 1999
"When Dragon Bane came out in the middle of 1998, it set the whole gaming standard for the Pilot to a new level."
PDA Games
May 1, 2000
"Although this game is more of a hack and slash type than the typical RPG, it is the puzzles that you will encounter in the dungeons, and the variety of monsters, that really sets this game apart... The combat system in the game is quite good, allowing for multiple enemies, ranged attacks, and magic spells. The tougher creatures can even summon more enemies for you to deal with, creating the potential for epic battles. The advanced spells that you get in later levels changes the game completely, as you will need to use your magic wisely to defeat the deadliest opponents. "
5 out of 5 stars.
Muchy's Palmware Review
January 2000
"5 Stars (Japanese Review)"
July 14, 1999
"Gear's Choice Award"
PDA Dash
July 14, 1999
"Dragon Bane's developers have created an extensive gaming experience unparalleled to any other RPG (role playing game) offered on the Palm OS."
volume 1 issue 34
"The king of all Pilot games, as far as I'm concerned (and I know I'm not alone here) is definitely Dragon Bane."
Oct. 19, 1998
Reviewers' Picks - 5 Star Rating
"Dragon Bane is an incredible role playing game with fascinating graphics..."
volume 1, issue 4
In the article "Play Where You Like!":
"...this game's feature set is absolutely incredible."
the piloteer magazine
Issue VIII

"...a huge leap forward in role playing games for the Palm Computing platform. Its graphical presentation is absolutely outstanding... This is truly a masterpiece. It has a breadth of adventure few desktop RPGs could hope to claim and delights at every turn."

Tap Magazine
Issue 1.4
"An exceptional role-playing game, Dragon Bane hearkens back to the award-winning Bard's Tale series... Palm Creations has done an amazing job creating a 3D environment with the Palm/Pilot's limited display size and palette."
The Unofficial PalmPilot Web Site
August 3, 1998
"Golden Palm Award 1998"
Commercial Software Catagory
August 1, 1998
" August sync picks"
Palm Zone
Week 28 (July 2-8), 1998
Palm Zone's Hot New Release
The Baker Projects
July 20, 1998
"Application of the Month"
The Pilot Zone
July 19, 1998
"An awesome game." 5 out of 5 rating.
The Gadgeteer
July 15, 1998
"Dragon Bane contains lots of gaming fun that will keep you entertained for hours. If you enjoy D&D role playing type games, you'll really like this one."
Tap Magazine
Issue 1.3, p. 7
"Adventure-game fans, get your credit cards ready. Palm Creations' Dragon Bane is a graphical adventure that must be seen to be believed... Visually, Dragon Bane pushes the Palm/Pilot's capabilities like no game before it, with grayscale-caliber graphics and top-notch artwork."