MythoLogical Software Dragon Bane

Put together a party of adventurers. You can choose from 7 unique classes to build your group. Make sure you choose the sorcerer or your group will have to return to a healing temple when anyone is hurt.

Check on each characters statistics. As you gain experience your abilities will grow. Stronger characters inflict more damage in combat. Characters with a high stamina will gain hit points more quickly as they advance in level.


Walk through the towns to find the healing temple to cure your wounds, the kings court to get advice and training, and the shoppe to stock up on supplies.


Along the way, you may find an entrance to the unknown. Once your party has gained some experience above ground, you may want venture in the the depths below.


You may want to save your game before you head down. Then you can reload from one of six slots if you get in too much trouble.


The dungeon holds untold perils. There are many levels of traps, creatures, treasures and surprises. Don't enter if you are not at your strongest.


As you make your way through the town, dungeons, and wilderness, you will encounter creatures that try to stop you in your path.


When you win a battle you gain experience and gold. Sometimes, you also may be lucky and find some treasure.


There is a vast world to explore. It includes over 20 maps, including 3 separate towns, a vast wilderness, and many, many levels of dungeons to explore.


The automap feature will help keep you from getting lost. It will keep a seperate overhead map that remembers where you have been for each and every dungeon level.