MythoLogical Software Dragon Bane

1.2.2 March 11, 2004 Palm OS

  • Add support for Tapwave Zodiac controls

Dragon Bane V1.20 - May 17, 2003

  • Update graphics code to run on newer devices
  • Add directional pad support
  • Mark databases as bundled so it can be run from a card
  • Add support for devices with no grafitti area (like Treo). Can switch between Party and Map modes with 'm' and 'p' keys.
  • Fix up icons
  • Fix memory leak

Dragon Bane V1.15 - November 29, 2001

  • Update to new company name.
  • Fix bad error message in rare case.
  • Fix incorrect damage given by some high level spells in some cases.
  • Fix bug that would hang the device if all of your characters became insane.

Dragon Bane V1.14 - March 28, 2000

  • Display code fixed for PalmIIIc
  • Display code fixed for OS 3.3 devices such as Visor
  • Display code fix for rare case where, in outdoor view, display would partially garble.
  • Fix for Japanese PalmPilots
  • Fix in RegCode computation routine
Note: there is no need to upgrade from V1.13 unless you experienced a problem addressed by one of the above fixes. There are no gameplay or feature-related changes.

Dragon Bane V1.13 - September 17, 1998

  • Fixed an introduced bug that would not allow you to heal players in the temple - only recharge spell points.
  • Also changed to make character stats redraw after a heal or recharge in the temple.

Dragon Bane V1.12 - September 15, 1998

  • Fixed a bug that made it imposible to move using the pen (hard buttons still work) when the revelation spell pops up a warning.
  • Changed the interface in the shoppe, guild, and temple to make it a bit easier to use.

Dragon Bane V1.11 - August 5, 1998

  • Fixed a bug that may cause the dispell spell to make 255 monsters appear.

Dragon Bane V1.1 - August 3, 1998

  • Fixed problem that any level thief or sorcerer could cast trapzap.
  • Fixed a secret teleport that put you in Lair4.
  • Disallow monsters from inflicting insanity on your last sane character
  • Added option to face away from buildings you exit
  • Added left-handed user option (swaps tile graphic and menu)
  • Adjusted play-balancing of dragons, and certain other monsters
  • Improved monster AI in combat
  • Indicate location of certain traps and treasures you have found on map
  • Modified hints to a couple of puzzles
  • Prints party gold on character menu, not stats screen

Dragon Bane V1.0 - July 13, 1998

  • Initial release