The user interface to Dragon Bane is simple and intuitive. Most parts of the interface allow you to use either the pen, or the keys for input. The two main parts of the Dragon Bane interface are the movement controls, and the menu controls.

  • Movement Controls - To walk around in the 3D Dungeon view, use the hard keys, or tap the screen according to the diagram, above. Occasionally, you will find objects of interest in the towns, wilderness, and dungeons. To examine, operate, or pick up something of interest, simply step into it.
  • Menu Controls - When inside buildings, viewing your party's statistics, or in combat, the screen is divided into three sections. All actions are menu-driven in these modes, so you only need to learn how to navigate through menus in order to play.
    The menu is always located in the top-right portion of the screen. You can either tap on menu entries, or highlight them using the up/down keys and then selecting the highlighted entry by pressing the Notepad key (See diagram, above). Notice that the currently selected menu entry is highlighted (be sure your screen contrast is adjusted properly). Also note that only menu entries that appear in the upper-right corner of the screen can be selected in this fashion -- you cannot use the hard keys to scroll through, or select items listed in the bottom half of the screen.
  • Switching Between Views - Use the menu, calculator, and find buttons to switch between views at any time. For example, when in the 3D Dungeon view, tapping the Find button will jump to the overhead map. Tap anywhere on the screen, or tap the find button again to return to the 3D view (or whichever view you came from).
  • Main Menu - Get to the Dragon Bane Main Menu from any view by tapping the menu key.
    • Restart - Resets the game and returns you to the King's Court.
    • Load - Loads one of 6 previously saved games. Note that saved games are backed up on your computer when you hotsync. Saved games are stored in your "pilot\username\Backup" directory on your computer and are named DrgBSAVx.PDB where the x is a value from 0 - 5.
    • Save - Saves your current game in one of 6 savegame slots. It is recommended that you save your game whenever you make progress in your quest.
    • Options - Options to disable sound or door animations.
    • License - If you obtained a demo evaluation copy of Dragon Bane, you must purchase a license in order to unlock the game. Licenses may be purchased from PilotGear HQ. After you purchase a license, you will be given a license key that can be entered under this menu item. Be sure to give your license code and user name when entering data at PilotGear HQ.
    • About - Displays version and other information.

  • Exit Dragon Bane - Tapping the Applications button will exit Dragon Bane at any time. Well, almost any time. The only circumstance when the application button cannot be used to exit the game is when combat messages are scrolling on the screen. Note that during combat, the up/down keys can be used to increase or decrease the speed of scrolling combat messages.

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