Welcome to Dragon Bane!

Your adventure begins in the King's Court, in the capital city of Treleon.

Your first task is to assemble a party of up to 5 adventurers to join your quest. You will probably want to choose the sorcerer, Zo, as he can heal your wounds of battle. The powerful wizard, Helix, will also be very useful against stronger monsters for he has an arsenal of powerful combat spells at his command.

Before you leave the King's Court, be sure to talk to the King to learn about the first segment of your mission. Once you have put together a group of adventurers, and have spoken to the King, get to know the town. Find the shoppe and the temple - you will need them later, and then set out on the first leg of your adventure.

After you have complete each segment of the King's quest, return to his court and ask for further instructions.

Good Luck!

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