Legend of Dragon Bane

The Legend

Legend maintains that in old times, a fearsome dragon had nearly conquered most of the great kingdoms. Ordinary weapons were useless against the dragon's armor, and armies fell to the fire-breathing tyrant and its minions. On the brink of defeat, however, the king's sorcerers forged a magical sword capable of piercing the dragon's armor-like scales. Presumably, this sword, known as the Dragon Bane, was used to best the dragon, driving the hordes away.

For generations, the legend has been discounted as a fable and the seemingly peaceful dragons across the land have been ignored. This has proven to be a costly mistake.

Now, war has ravaged your once great kingdom. The town of Braston has fallen, and reports are now coming in that the nearby city of Lasingham, your last line of defense, may soon fall as well. If this is true, the capital city of Treleon will be defenseless, and the kindom will be overrun.

Also known as the dragon of the West, Kra'an is one of four dragons that nest just beyond the borders of your kingdom. The dragons' ages, like everything else about them, is unknown, perhaps, to all but the Kra'a. Unfortunately, the dragons' patience and age have masked their aggressive lust for conquest. Now it seems, the great capital town of Treleon is in grave danger of falling to Kra'an and his followers.

Yet, even now, members of the Kra'a society walk the alley ways of the capital city. For years no one suspected the motivations of the secretive Kra'a society. The fact that they worshipped a dragon was never thought to be of consequence. Dragons, like Kra'an, had always been reclusive creatures, and were never considered threatening, or even interested in native affairs. Until now.

The mysterious Kra'a cult has orchestrated an effort to lead hordes of creatures on its assault of your kingdom. To protect the dragons, and shield themselves from curious outsiders, the Kra'a society have also constructed elaborate dungeons filled with puzzles and traps before each dragon's lair.

As dusk sets over the land, you must move quickly. Your only chance to defeat the cult is a covert mission to destroy Kra'an and the other dragons. If Kra'an is killed, his followers and the hordes they lead will be immobilized.

While your tattered army still holds the Kra'a at bay outside Lasingham, you must assemble your party and make ready. Your messengers and scouts have already managed to summon a handful of the greatest heroes in the land. They are gathered at the high court in Treleon, and await your command.

Once your band is assembled, it must elude deadly traps and solve elaborate puzzles created by the Kra'a in order to reach each of the dragons. However, even if you manage to navigate the treacherous dungeons, no one has ever fought a dragon and lived to tell about it. Hope that the legend is true - if Dragon Bane, the artifact of legend exists, it would be hidden and protected deep within the Kra'a secret dungeons. You must find it and wield it against Kra'an.

Treleon's hope and the hope of the Kingdom lies with you.

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