MythoLogical Software Dragon Bane II

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What happened to the Pocket PC / Windows Mobile version?

  • It was pulled from the market due to compatibility problems with Windows Mobile 5. If it is working fine for you on your device, you may continue to play it, but we have decied to stop selling new copies.

Q: The game has stumped me! Where can I get help?

  • You can find complete documentation for Dragon Bane online:
    Online Manual
  • You can ask questions or search for answers to puzzles by joining or browsing the Dragon Bane II Forum:
    Dragon Bane II Forum

Q: I'm still stuck -- now what?

  • If you have tried the above sources and did not receive any replies to your post on the DB2 forum linked above after waiting a reasonable amount of time, feel free to email us:

Q: I think I may have found a bug. What should I do?

  • If it's possible that the "bug" is just a problem you're having solving a puzzle or some confusion about the interface, please post a message to the Dragon Bane II Yahoo message forum, linked above.
  • If the bug occurs while playing any third party adventure (anything other than Return Of Kra'an, by MythoLogical Software), then email your bug report to the person who created that adventure.
  • If you're pretty sure that the bug is a problem with the Dragon Bane II game itself, please report the bug to us at: Be sure to include:
    • A complete description of the bug, including exactly what actions you took just before the bug occurred.
    • What platform you are using (Palm, PocketPC, etc), what version of the Dragon Bane II game you have, what device you are running on, what adventure you are playing, how much free memory you have, and whether you are running from main memory or an expansion card.
    • If you have a savegame that demonstrates the bug, please email it to us. First, hotsync your device (your save games are all backed up each time you sync). Second, find your savegame file on your desktop computer in something like: C:\Palm\UserID\Backup\Drg2Save*.pdb. Third, attach that file to your email and be sure to let us know which save game slot to look at and what to look for there.

Q: How do I create my own adventures for Dragon Bane II?

  • Our free Dragon Bane II Adventure Construction Kit (DB2ACK) includes all the tools, data, and documentation you will need to create your own adventures. The DB2ACK is powerful and flexible enough to allow you to simply re-use existing Return of Kra'an data and create new maps, or you may create entire new adventures complete with new monsters, spells, objects, walls, and even game interface. The DB2ACK is available on our website's download page. For questions about using the DB2ACK, please visit the Dragon Bane II Forum: Dragon Bane II Forum. The DB2ACK is free, however there are a few minor restrictions -- see the Licensing and Terms of Use section inside the DB2ACK documentation.

Q: Will you make DB2ACK available for the Mac?

  • MythoLogical Software will not be supporting the Mac, but if you read the Support and Tools Development Appendix in the DB2ACK documentation, you'll see that we would be willing to cooperate with any developer who is interested in either porting the tools to other platforms or adding features to the tools. We actually made an attempt to port to the Mac ourselves, and were able to port a few of the programs over, but we had trouble porting the mapedit program because of its dependency on the "curses" library.
  • Q: I have explored the demo as far as I can, but it seems like there is nothing more I can do and there are no more monsters. What should I do?

    • The demo includes three levels: New Treleon, The Wilderness, and Cellar 1. The game does not generate encounters with monsters 5 or more levels below your party (because you have scared them off and they would not be a challenge to you). To find more monsters, you will have to proceed to more difficult areas, and to do that, you will have to purchase an unlock key.

    Q: I placed an order, but have not received my unlock key yet. When can I get my unlock key?

    • If you ordered from our eSellerate linked from our website, you should receive your unlock key from them automatically, upon completion of your order.
    • Otherwise, we recommend that you purchase your unlock key before you finish the demo because the registration process can take some time. We automatically email unlock keys to users within seconds of receiving batch sales reports from other online distributors. But depending on the time of day that you order and the time the distributor emails us their batch sales report, the process can take minutes or even a day. On some occasions (usually during holidays), it has taken them longer than a day to email us their batch sales reports, so if it has been longer than 24 hours since your order, please email us to request an unlock key. Be sure to include the email address you used when ordering, the date you placed the order, the name of the online distributor where you purchased from, and your RegCode.

    Q: Can I run Dragon Bane II from a memory card?

    • Yes, however, there is not much advantage, because of the way the PalmOS works with memory cards. Everything will have to be copied into main memory when Dragon Bane II is run, so you will still need to have 700k-1300k free in your main memory, and there will be a delay at startup. If you still want to run it from a card, make sure all 4 files are in the same directory, so the OS can find them when it needs to copy them into RAM.
      Note: If you don't have enough memory free when you run it, the OS does not complain when it tries to copy the data files in, they just don't copy in. So it may still run, but complain of missing data files. Make more memory free by moving other things to the card too.

    Q: How can I play on my HandSpring Treo - there are no silkscreen keys on that device to access the party view and overhead map.

    • LapTopHack ($14.95) allows you to configure those keys so you can play Dragon Bane 1 or 2 on the Treo
    • MythoLogical included a special Treo fix that allows users to access those screens with the 'm' (map view) and 'p' (party view) keys in Dragon Bane II V1.0.3

    Q: Dragon Bane II crashes on my Handspring Prism with the error "../Src/BlitterWindow.c,Line:1243, unlock out of sync ? addresses reset too soon"

    • This is an incompatibility introduced by a patch to the Handspring OS. Please get the latest version of the OS here:
      Handspring Updates Web Site

    Q: The display looks a little fuzzy.

    • For grayscale devices, try adjusting your contrast. See the manual that came with your device if you need help finding the contrast control.
    • On some devices, like the HandSpring Visor or other PalmOS 3.1 or 3.3 devices, you may see wavy lines running through the graphics. This is a problem inherent to the device, and not to Dragon Bane II. There are programs such as DisplayHack designed to help compensate for this problem.
    • If combat messages are difficult to read when they scroll by, you can adjust the speed by pressing the up/down keys while they scroll by or going to the "Preferences" menu option. If the combat messages look fuzzy, even at slow speed, go to the "Preferences" menu and uncheck "Smooth combat scroll text".

    Q: I have a Macintosh, and I am unable to install Dragon Bane II

    • Some Macintosh unzip programs are known to have trouble with zip files. You should try to find a newer unzip program.

    Q: I had to hard reset my device or I let my batteries run out and lost all my data and need to re-install Dragon Bane II.

    • First, Download, unzip, and re-install the latest version of Dragon Bane II on your handheld.
    • Your save games should all be backed up on your desktop computer in your handheld backup directory (for example, "C:\Palm\UserName\Backup). Look for and install all files similar to Drg2Save*.pdb)
    • After re-installing your save games, you will need to run Dragon Bane II on your device and re-license the game by entering your 5 digit unlock key. If you have lost your unlock key, see below.

    Q: I lost my unlock key, can I get another?

    • Sure! To get a replacement unlock key, please send us your Name, Email address, the retailler (online or otherwise) where you purchased your unlock key, your RegCode, and the approximate date when you purchased it. We will lookup your information in our database and email you a new key. Our response time can vary; it usually takes a few hours, but could take several days. For that reason, we recommend that you save your unlock key in a safe place.
    • You can find your RegCode by running the game, and tapping the "Menu" silkscreen key. From there, tap the "License" button and your RegCode will be printed there (i.e. "50:61:6C:6D:20:6C:61:74:6F:72:CC").
    • After you receive your unlock key, return to the license screen to enter it, and the game will remain permanently unlocked. You will need to re-enter the key again if you lose all the data on your device and need to re-install all the software

    Q: Who did your wonderful art on the website?

    • The dragon artwork on our homepage was licensed from Ed Beard Jr, Destini Productions, Inc. Destini Productions has many high quality fantasy prints available from its website.