MythoLogical Software Dragon Bane II

Dragon Bane II Version History

1.0.6 March 11, 2004 Palm OS
  • Add support for Tapwave Zodiac controls
1.0.5 Sept 29, 2003 SmartPhone
  • Fixes to RegCode unlocking for certain devices
1.0.5 Aug 1, 2003 Zaurus
  • Fixes to RegCode unlocking for certain devices
1.0.5 July 31, 2003 Palm OS
  • Minor fixes to some vampire spell computations.
  • Support for Sony jog dial and 5 way nav (Tungsten)
1.0.4 Oct 9, 2002
  • Dead characters should not regenerate HP/SP at special squares
  • Fix obscure bug with blocking map exits on unregistered version, and added error handling as well.
  • Don't allow monsters to successfully attack characters with poison/ insanity/confusion, if target character is immune.
  • Fix for magic trap map special instruction
  • Minor performance enhancement to color drawing routines.
  • Fix minor bug displaying equip checkbox state on some items
  • Detect party dead when last char dies from poisoning.
  • Allow misc/fruit/potion items to be equipped (note this does not have any effect on the Return of Kra'an adventure)
  • Fix for PalmOS 2.0 devices when executing screen flash instruction
1.0.3 June 25, 2002
  • Add support for Treo which doesn't have calculator, menu, or find silkscreen keys. With V1.0.3, Treo users can toggle modes by typing the letters "p" to switch in and out of party mode, and "m" to switch in and out of map mode.
  • Improve error messages if bad/wrong wall/tile files are installed.
  • Added warning to trap in Kraan 2 map
  • Fix SET LAST mapspecial instruction that wasn't used before
1.0.2 March 11, 2002
  • Choosing new adventure would not create "temporary save" of current adventure.
  • If someone has any weapon or object that targets a character equipped, and chooses attack, then a random spell could get cast. This could cause other problems such as negative spell points.
1.0.1 February 13, 2002
  • Fix range of intervention spell
  • Change name of "cure confusion" spell to "cure daze"
  • Classes with negative experience modes could compute incorrect exp (DB2ACK bug)
  • Could not override default sale price in shop (DB2ACK bug)
  • Change text for prison 1 fountain when not paid
  • Don't allow dead characters to use objects
  • Fix occasional crash bug when encountering certain special squares with Op_Message and any but first menu item was selected.
  • Tower 2: Bad wall for treasure chest
  • Fix various typos
  • Arbortown: merchant displayed wrong tile after purchasing from him.
  • Fix text references to Gorgon in plot
  • Castle: brick wall was empty building
  • Fix in game help typo
  • Combat smooth scrolling pref was not saved.
  • Tap map screen to exit map view.
  • Before allowing pick/zap to be cast, check if enough SP w.r.t. moon.
1.0.0 December 4, 2001
  • Initial Release