Appendix B:

Map Special Examples

We have provided a sample adventure in the DB2ACK that contains two sample levels in the maps directory. To view or edit these maps, you may edit these files by typing "mapedit" (or "") from the command line. Or, in Windows Explorer, you can associate the .map file extension with the mapeditor program in your tools directory so that you can open .map files by double clicking on them in Windows Explorer. In these two maps, we have provided examples for many typical special squares. You may copy and paste these squares into your own adventure (see Chapter IV: MapEditor for details), study the special code to learn from the examples, and, hopefully, modify them or create new map special squares of your own.

To view the mapspecial code for the two sample maps, you can view the files:

You can automatically generate the map description files from inside the mapeditor by pressing 'p' (print map file).