MythoLogical Software

Jul 12, 2003

Dragon Bane II for Zaurus now available.

MythoLogical Software, in conjunction with Eon Games is pleased to present Dragon Bane II for the Zaurus platform.

Not only does the game come bundled with the Return Of Kra'an adventure, but because the Zaurus version is binary compatible with the PalmOS version, all adventures created by third parties using MythoLogical Software's free Dragon Bane II Adventure Construction Kit will automatically run on both platforms without the need to re-compile or distribute separate versions of adventures. Furthermore, all the original Palm generated sound effects in the game are replaced with sampled sounds on the Zaurus platform.

The free demo of the Zaurus version of Dragon Bane II, playable through the first three levels, is available from MythoLogical Software's website, or from your favorite online Zaurus software archive.