Zodiac Controls

Gameplay Controls
Touch screenSelect object or grid square, absorb tree, or pick up special object
JoystickRotate view
Press JoystickSwitch to Menu mode (pause game)
Action ButtonOpen Inventory
Left TriggerAbsorb selected object
Right TriggerJump to selected wizard hull
Up KeyCreate boulder
Down KeyAbsorb selected object (dispell dragon)
Left KeyCreate wizard hull
Right KeyCreate tree (absorbable by dragon and death mage)

Inventory Controls
JoystickRotate inventory menu
Press JoystickSelect current inventory item
Action ButtonClose inventory menu
Left TriggerRotate left
Right TriggerRotate right

Menu Controls
Touch screenSelect menu item
JoystickChange selection
Press JoystickSelect menu item or return to previous menu
Action ButtonSelect menu item or return to previous menu
Left TriggerMove selection up
Right TriggerMove selection down
Up KeyMove selection up
Down KeyMove selection down