The dragon is an illusion conjured and controlled by your master to challenge your cunning and skills as a wizard. To complete the level you must conquer the dragon by dispelling your master's illusion.

The lone dragon sits perched atop a throne at the highest point in the realm. Controlled by the master wizard, the illusionary dragon continually scans the realm for intruders, and if it finds something, it will breath a magical fire that consumes the object's spell points. Only after the object he's attacking completely burns away or teleports out of view will the dragon move his gaze to an adjacent part of the map

To dispell the dragon, you must move to a position higher than him and select the dragon or the thrown. Once targeted, press the Left Trigger or Green Down Key to cast the Dispell Illusion spell, banishing him to another plane of the realm.

Beware, on higher levels, the dragon rotates slightly faster than on lower levels, his flames consume your spell points faster, and he may even change the direction of his gaze.

Death Mage

The head of the Death Mage is another illusion summoned by your master to defend certain passages to the dragon from your approach.

Higher levels can have up to five Death Mages on the map, usually at higher elevations. Like the dragon, Death Mages slowly scan the terrain searching for any object out of place. If one is found, it attacks with a Death Glare that withers away your spell points until the object burns away or teleports to safety. However unlike the dragon, the Death Mage can actually be absorbed by the player, once he reaches higher ground, for three spell points.

Corrupt Apprentices

The Corrupt Apprentice illusion only scans the realm for the player. Other intruding objects such as trees, boulders, hulls, and wizard walls created by the player are ignored. If the Apprentice spots you, he will begin to cast a teleport spell, enveloping you in a multi-colored mist. Once the spell completes, you are teleported to a random, lower position on the map. Unlike dragon or Mage attacks, the Apprentice's teleport spell takes a little longer to complete, giving you a chance to escape. Dispelling the apprentice (using the absorb object key) provides three spell points.