After the second war against Kra'an, the remaining elders of the Wizard's Council have patiently trained a new school of wizards. As an apprentice of Helix, you have completed a lifetime of progressively more intense training, and are now prepared to take the series of final tests to become a full wizard. With Helix vowing to return to his hermitage, never to return again, your services to the King's Council will become a vital tool in keeping the peace throughout the kingdom.

One of your most difficult tests will be to face your master in the WizardWorld. Through an ancient ceremony, Helix will transport your mind to the WizardWorld. Once teleported to the realm, both master and apprentice are no longer conscious of the real world. The realm becomes their reality, and the apprentice and master's actions are governed by the rules of the realm.

Your master's mind controls an illusionary dragon, and he will use his powers to summon additional creatures to prevent you from achieving your goal of dispelling his illusion. While avoiding the gaze of the dragon, you must seek higher elevation until you are able to close in on his position and cast a dispell illusion spell on his throne to proceed to the next level.

In addition to using the terrain to hide from the dragon and his minions' gaze, you may be aided by special items that appear and disappear at will throughout the realm. These items may be stored in your inventory for use at the appropriate time.

The basic unit of the realm is the spell point. All objects have a certain number of spell points, and the spell points contained in some objects can be absorbed by the player or the dragon. When a dragon is breathing fire at the player, the player must consume spell points to shield himself from the fire; and once his spell points are gone, he drops from the realm and fails the test.

In addition to sustaining an object's presense in the realm, spell points can be consumed to create objects and cast spells. Only by casting spells to move into a position to capture the dragon, can you be succeed in your task, so you must manoever to find as many objects to absorb as possible while being careful to spend your spell points wisely to achieve your goal.