Main Menu
PlayStarts a new game, or continues a game in progress. After selecting the "Play" menu, you will have the option to scroll through options to restart the current level, continue playing a game in progress, or switch to any level that has previously been completed or attempted.
LoadThere are 6 save game slots, and selecting this option lets you scroll through available save game slots to load a game. After loading, you must select "Play" from the menu to resume the game.
SaveSave the game in progress to one of six save game slots
OptionsModify game settings; see below.
High ScoresDisplay the top 10 high scores. This table saves the highest level achieved by each player.
HelpIn-game help displays a list of handy gameplay hints.
AboutSplash screen
RegisterThis is where you enter your unlock key. Once registered, you have access to all 99 levels. Until then, you can only play level 1. You may purchase an unlock key through links on MythoLogical Software's website, or other online resellers. Be sure to provide an accurate "RegCode" (displayed on the Registration screen) when purchasing online to ensure that a proper unlock key can be generated for your device

Options Menu
GraphicsModify graphics quality and performance settings (see below).
MusicAdjust background music volume
SoundAdjust sound effects volume
BuzzerAdjust strength of buzzer effect
SensitivityAdjust filtering of joystick noise for Tapwave devices with hardware drift problems

Graphics Menu
SkyEnable/Disable textured sky
  • Low: Entire grid is flat shaded
  • Medium: Flat squares textured, slanted squares flat shaded
  • High: Entire grid is textured
  • Low: Almost all models flat shaded
  • Medium: Most models have texture
  • High: All models textured
  • Off: No optimization
  • Low: When moving slow, things that are very close are not textured
  • High: In addition to above, when moving fast, things that are farther away are also not textured
Show FPS Enable/Disable display Frames Per Second on game screen