The WizardWorld demo comes with one free level. After completing that level, you must purchase and enter an unlock key, and then you will be able to continue on to level 2. There are 99 progressively more challenging levels in the game.

To purchase an unlock key, visit and click on the WizardWorld link and then they "buy" links. There you will be directed to an online reseller such as eSellerate, PalmGear, or Handango. eSellerate is our preferred reseller because they are the only ones that will email you your unlock key immediately upon completion of the transaction. For the other resellers, it can take up to 48 hours (usually less than 12 hours) to receive the unlock key.

When purchasing online, you will be asked for your RegCode or Pilot User Name. Either way, you MUST enter your RegCode found on the game's Registration screen (see below) exactly as it appears.