Game Play

In order to dispell the dragon and advance to the next level, you must move to a position equal or higher than the dragon's throne. Once in position, select the dragon or his throne and hit an Absorb Object key (left trigger or down key) to cast the Dispell spell to banish him from the level.

To move around, you'll need to spend some spell points to summon an illusionary "Hull" of yourself on a flat grid square. To do this, simply tap to select a flat grid square, and press the Left button to summon the hull. After summoning a hull, you can tap to select it or the grid square or object it stands on, and tap the right trigger key to teleport to the hull. Once you teleport, you will face the direction of your old hull which you can absorb to regain your spell points.

To gain elevation more quickly, you may summon a stack of boulders by tapping on a flat grid square or an existing boulder and pressing the Up key. Summoning a boulder consumes spell points, and you can only summon a stack of up to 4 boulders. After summoning boulders, you can summon a hull on top of them and teleport it to gain elevation.

Spell Points

The player begins each level with 10 spell points, indicated by the spell point bar at the bottom left corner of the screen. The table below shows the symbols used to represent your remaining spell points. They also represent the cost to create the tree, boulder, or wizard hull objects.

To absorb the energy of an object below, you must manoever to an elevation equal to or higher than your target. When you tap to select an object at or below your current level, or tap to select the grid square it stands on, or an object on the same grid square underneith it, your cursor changes from a circle to a cross hair and a spinning portal appears underneath the object. To absorb the object, simply tap the down key or left trigger, as indicated in the interface section.

SymbolSpell Points
Wizard hull
Death Mage
Corrupt Apprentice

The maximum number of spell points you can hold is 20. Once reaching this limit, you will be unable to absorb objects for spell points. Note, however, the sunfruit can be used to surpass this limit.

When under attack by the dragon or a Death Mage, your spell points will slowly be drained in maintaining a fire shield. Each time a spell point is burned away, the dissipated spell points are funnelled through your attacker and used to form a tree at some random location on the map. If the dragon breathes fire or the Death Mage casts a withering glare at any other object such as a wizard hull, boulder, or an absorbable tree, that object will reduce to a more primitive form, and another tree will be randomly created on the map. In this way, spell points cannot be created or destroyed, they mearly change form.