Character Classes

Horace - Fighter

Horace was trained from birth to join the King's private honor guard. A Treleon native, Horace represents the most elite footmen of Treleon's forces. At times of greatest need, the honor guard can exercise magical abilities to augment strength and cunning. Although Horace has been kept on hand to run the King's security forces at home, he is no stranger to battle, and you would be unwise to leave his strength and skills behind you on your quest.

Feldor - Dwarf

At the onset of the Great War, an alliance was forged between Treleon and a tribe of dwarves to the East. Although Eastern territory has not been invaded by the Kra'a as of yet, the Dwarven tribe has responded to our pleas for help. Feldor is perhaps the best dwarven warrior in his tribe. Many dwarves gain the ability to summon different grades of magical armor to protect themselves and their comrades. Don't let his size fool you - dwarves are stronger than they look, and have a heart for combat.

Alain - Archer

Answering the king's scouts, Alain, a captain in the archer division has returned from the battlefields outside Lasingham to make his services available to you. It has been said that he once slayed a Gargantuan with one arrow from seventy feet. Archers tend to be good at scouting and navigation, but Alain is also an apprentice of the wizard's council, studying ranged magical attacks. For long-range protection, Alain is unmatched in the kingdom.

Ophelia - Thief

Ophelia is a notorious thief, and an adept fighter. Although her exploits were a nuisance to the kingdom in the past, her cunning and bravery could be invaluable to your party as it attempts to avoid deadly traps in the depths of the Kra'a dungeons. Also, when senses are honed, thieves can sometimes dispel dangerous undead or imaginary creatures.

Eufista - Elf

The Elven brotherhood to the North has been a long-time ally to Treleon. As the humans have often come to the aid of the elves in their times of need, the brotherhood has answered our call for help with reinforcements. Eufista, a brave elven ranger has made a request to join the services of the King on your noble quest. He is adept at both melee and range combat, and is also an apprentice magician who studies arts of healing and navigation techniques. In addition, Elves are know for their ability to withstand more combat damage than others.

Helix - Wizard

Helix is, perhaps, the oldest wizard in Treleon. After serving various functions on the Wizard's Council in Treleon for 55 years, Helix had retired to his reclusive home in the wilderness. After a long search, Royal scouts finally found him and begged him to return, on behalf of the King. He has grudgingly agreed to return from retirement to offer his services one last time. A wizard's domain is in powerful offensive spells and in summoning magic creatures to come help fight in battle. Although summoned creatures can be dispelled by other magic using opponents, these imaginary monsters will fight to the death to protect their masters. Only a fool would venture into the unknown without the protection of a good wizard.

Zo - Sorcerer

The sorcerer's sworn duty is to protect the kingdom. Zo embodies the spirit of his duty in the extreme; for he is a true patriot and a legendary hero. Zo has provided cover for the troops, and healed the wounded for generations. No adventurer, no matter how brave, would dare venture into the Kra'a dungeons without bringing along one skilled in the arts of healing and magical defenses.


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