MythoLogical Software Dragon Bane II

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Dragon Bane II allows you to store and play multiple adventures, each with their own set of save game slots.  MythoLogical Software's "Return of Kra'an" picks up a generation after Dragon Bane's story ended.
Starting from the King's Court, new adventurers should begin by exploring New Treleon.  You will need to locate buildings such as  Shoppes and Tavernes to help you on your quest.

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At Innes, or along your quest, you will encounter characters, each with their own special talents, who offer to join your party. 
When you are ready, your party can make its way to dungeons filled with mind bending puzzles, treacherous traps, and horrendous beastiage.

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You may want to buy a torch -- unless you happen to have spells, or items that provide extra light, or you feel lucky enough to find them along the way.
Always be prepared to encounter ever-deadlier foes.  Learn to exploit their weakness.  Some monsters are resistant to certain attacks; but beware -- some have sinister debilitating attacks of their own that you must learn to defend against.

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To the victor goes the spoils!  In addition to earning experience toward promotion, your party may find treasures and gold on the bodies of slain foes.  Distribute these items to your party to increase their battle worthiness.
There is a huge world to explore.  But beware, monsters mostly come out at night; mostly.

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Fortunately, Dragon Bane II provides an auto-mapping feature with zoom and scrolling capabilities to help prevent you from getting too lost.
Or talk to the townsfolk if you're looking for hints.  Be prepared to grease the palms of the barkeep if you want to hear something useful.

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Dragon Bane II takes advantage of the maximum color depth of your Palm (up to 256 colors).