MythoLogical Software Dragon Bane II

Dragon Bane II is a commercial RPG adventure for the iPhone, PalmOS Zaurus, and PocketPC platforms.

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The legend was true: the Dragon Bane sword was found to be the only effective agent against the Dragon King. With Kra'an defeated and his spirit imprisoned in the sword's gemstone, the dragon's power to disrupt the balance of good and evil was no longer a threat. A generation later, with the reconstruction of New Treleon forgotten, the Dragon Bane sword was entrusted to the Wizard's Council, and life had returned to normal.

Ever since Raamtha's apprentice was elected to lead the Wizard's Council, the King's Secret Guard have noted suspicious activity in New Treleon. There are rumors that Kra'an could be revived and shadowy figures have been seen frequenting murky taverns at night. Are the townsfolk fears misplaced, or is there a nefarious scheme in the works to bring Kra'an's revenge to the kingdom?


New game engine with dozens of new features to provide for a richer, more interactive role playing experience.

All new content.  Not only is the game much larger than the original Dragon Bane game, but it has all new walls, monsters, characters, spells and character classes.

Users can store and play multiple adventures, each with their own set of save games.   Using MythoLogical Software's Dragon Bane II Adventure Construction Kit, third parties can now create and publish their own adventures running on the Dragon Bane II engine.

All adventures and savegames are binary compatible between the two platforms.

iPhone version requirements:
  • iPhone or iPod Touch running OS 2.0+.
  • 1.5M free RAM
PalmOS version requirements:
  • Any PalmOS 2.x, 3.x, 4.x, 5.x device.
  • 710k free RAM (4-gray version) or
  • 930k free RAM (16-gray version) or
  • 1360k free RAM (256 color version)
Zaurus version requirements:
  • 1.2Mb free RAM.
  • Qtopia/OPIE version includes exclusive sampled sound effects
SmartPhone, Windows CE, PocketPC versions pulled due to compatibility problems with Windows Mobile 5

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