MythoLogical Software Dragon Bane II

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Free Demo Downloads:
  • PalmOS Dragon Bane II v1.0.6 (0.7 - 1.3Mb)
  • Zaurus Dragon Bane II v1.0.5 (1.2Mb)

The demo version is fully playable up through the first three levels. After that, you will be prompted to enter an "unlock key" to continue playing from where you left off. You may purchase an unlock key here by clicking the "Buy" link, above. During your online purchase, you will be asked to provide your HotSyncID or Registration ID. In this field, please enter your "RegCode" exactly as it appears on the Dragon Bane II license screen. To find your RegCode, simply run the game, tap the "Menu" silkscreen key, and select the "License" item from the Options Menu.

After purchasing your unlock key online, MythoLogical Software will email you an unlock key. The process normally takes several hours but it can take a couple of days -- so we recommend you purchase your key before you complete the demo. After receiving your unlock key, there is no need to download or install a new version. Simply return to the "License" screen in the game, enter your key, and the game will remain permanently unlocked.

PalmOS Installation:

The amount of memory required depends on the number of colors you choose to play in or the number of colors your device supports. It is possible to play with the lower bit depth graphics data, although we recommend you install the best graphics data set your device supports. To install the game, you must unzip the file, above, and install these files:

  1. DrgBane2.prc
  2. ReturnKraan.pdb
  3. Install two matching Tile and Wall files for the number of colors that you want and your palm supports:
    • For 4 shade gray graphics, install: Tiles4Shade.pdb and Walls4Shade.pdb
    • For 16 shade gray graphics, install: Tiles16Shade.pdb and Walls16Shade.pdb
    • For 256 color (or 16-bit color devices), install: Tiles256Shade.pdb and Walls256Shade.pdb

For help with installing programs on your Palm OS device, contact Palm.Com, or open the Palm Desktop and read the "Install" topic under the Help menu.


If you are upgrading or re-installing, there is no need to delete the old version or your old save games. You should not lose your saved games or registration information.

Latest Version: V1.0.6 (Palm OS), 1.0.5 (Other platforms)

Dragon Bane II Adventure Construction Kit:

The free Dragon Bane II Adventure Construction Kit allows fans to create their own adventures on their PC and distribute them to other Dragon Bane II players. More information can be found on the DB2ACK page.