Towns and Buildings

Your quest begins in the capital city of New Treleon in the King's Court where you will receive instructions for the first part of your quest. As you make your way around the city, you will find a shoppe where you can purchase supplies, a temple where your weary adventurers can return for healing, innes where you can shuffle members in and out of your party, a review board where you can promote your characters after they earn experience and various tavernes, specialty shoppes, and other buildings.

King's Court:
You begin your adventure in the capital of New Treleon, in the King's Court. The king will send you on an errand to start your quest, and each time you finish an objective, return to talk to the king to get further instructions.


Review Council:


Whenever you defeat opponents in combat, you gain experience. This experience will help your party by advancing their attributes as they go up levels. When you feel your combat experience qualifies you for a promotion, return to the review council to ask for promotion.
Temples are scattered throughout the kingdom, and they are open all day and all night to offer assistance to weary adventurers. Not only can priests re-charge your spell points, but they can also provide any type of healing your injured party members require. They can even resurrect a dead comrade. However, you will find that the use of their magical reserves has its price, and donations are collected up front.




There are many shoppes throughout the land including two in New Treleon that are open every day from dawn to dusk. The New Treleon shops contain sundries, armor, and hand weapons, though other shops are said to contain more exotic items. Shoppes update their inventory from time to time, so check back often to find out if new items are in stock. You can also sell items that you find in the dungeons, but do not need.
  • Item Identification: Shop keepers experience in the trade of arms and other tools gives them insight into the use of arcane, enchanted objects that your party might otherwise be unable to use. Most unidentified items you find can be identified at any shop for a small fee, however some items may require a greater degree of expertise in order to identify them.
  • Usable objects: Items which appear in lighter text cannot be equipped by whichever character you chose to purchase items; however some other character in your party may be able to use those items.
When you start out your quest, it is a good idea to locate all of the Innes in New Treleon. There, you will find fellow adventurers who you may choose to invite to join your party. There are innes located throughout the realm, so you may wish to return to an inne to drop off or exchange members of your party.


Other Buildings:


There are many other buildings, huts, tents, and other locations of interest throughout the kingdom. In the case of buildings, those that are open for business hang a flag over their door.
Empty Buildings:
If you find an empty building, you may sleep in it through the night. You will wake feeling refreshed, recovering some of your party's lost hitpoints.


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