Character Classes

Throughout the game, you may find characters who offer to join your party, and you can always find fellow adventurers to accompany you on your quest at an Inne. It is very important to know about a character's background before you invite him or her (or it) to join your party.

In Return of Kra'an, character classes are differentiated by much more than the types of spells they can cast, a character's class also determines their efficiency at using different types of objects, their starting attributes, as well as special abilities (and vulnerabilities). Get to know the character classes well, then choose a well-rounded party whose composition matches your playing style.

And remember, you are not stuck with your starting character choices. If you get tired of one or find one is not working out for you, feel free to exchange him or her for someone else at the nearest Inne.

In Return of Kra'an, there are two distinct categories of character classes: Fighter classes and Mage classes. Because your party's front row of characters are vulnerable to melee attacks by monsters, it might make sense to keep three stronger characters from one of the fighter classes in your front row, and then fill out your less-vulnerable back row with two mages.

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