Party View

characters.gif You can examine and manipulate characters in your party from the Party View. To switch to the Party View from any other mode, tap the "Calculator" silkscreen key. See the interface section if you need to review mode switching or using the menu interface.

From the Party View, you can perform any of the following actions:

  • Statistics - Views attributes and stats of the currently selected character. Note that you can easily switch the stats view from one character to another simply by selecting a different character.
  • Inventory - View the current character's inventory.
  • Exchange - Exchange positions with another character in the list. When prompted to select which character you wish to switch with, select any other character from the bottom half of the screen. Note that if you have summoned a creature to fight for you, that creature is always listed at the bottom of the screen, and cannot switch positions with any other character.

    The order of the characters in your party is very important during combat. Characters listed in the first three slots in your party form your front line. Characters in slots four and five form the back row of your party. Note that any summoned creature is always considered to be part of your front row, even though it is always listed in the 6th character slot of your party.

    Only characters in your front row may attack or be attacked using hand-to-hand combat. This means that characters in positions four and five are always shielded from attacks by monsters that have a short range. But it also means that the two characters in your back row cannot hit using hand-to-hand weapons.

    For this reason, it is best to put characters with poor armor class (such as your mages) in your back row where they are protected from many attacks. From the back row, these characters will still be effective with defensive and ranged offensive spells; they will just not be able to perform physical hand-to-hand combat.
  • Drop - This option is only available for the elemental slot in your party. If you wish to let go of any other member of your party, you must find an Inne to check that character in to.

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