Party View


Each character in your party can carry up to ten objects. Objects that are listed in black text can be used or equipped by that character; however, objects listed in light gray text cannot. From your character's inventory screen, you can view a list of the character's inventory, switch to your NEXT or PREVIOUS character's inventory, or choose any of the following options after selecting an item:

Inventory Menu:
  • Examine - Displays a list of the object's attributes. For more information on objects, see the chapter on Objects. Note that objects that have not been identified yet are listed as "Unidentified Item" and cannot be examined.
  • Use Item - From this menu entry, any fruit, potion, or non-combat spell weapon can be used. Simply select the item from the character's inventory that you wish to use before selecting the USE ITEM menu option.
  • Give- Use this option to distribute the objects you find or buy between different members of your party. If you wish to trade an object with another member of your party, simply select the object, and select the GIVE menu option. You will be prompted to select a target character to give the object to. Note that the command fails if that target character's inventory is full.
  • Un/Equip - Objects that can be used or worn have a check box to the left of their name and must be equipped to have effect. You can equip and unequip an object by tapping the check box, or selecting this menu item.
  • Drop - To make room in a character's inventory, you can drop objects that you don't need. Note that certain objects that are necessary to the game (such as keys) cannot be dropped. Be careful when dropping items -- once you have discarded them, they cannot be retrieved. Also, in most cases, it is best to visit a shoppe to sell unwanted objects instead of simply dropping them.
Object List:

The inventory screen displays a list of up to ten objects carried by the currently selected character. Each item lists several important attributes about the object:

  • Number of Charges - Some inventory items, such as magical weapons can only be used a certain number of times. After their magical energy has been drained, they are no longer useful, and are automatically dropped from the character's inventory. Items which are limited in this fashion list the number of remaining charges to the right of their name. In the screenshot above, on the "Wand of Aid" has a limitation on the number of uses: it can be used 8 more times before it becomes useless.
  • Usable - Some objects cannot be used by the character holding them because that character does not meet the requirements to use or equip the object. For example, the "Double Crossbow" in the screenshot above is ghosted out because the character holding it does not meet the minimum dexterity attribute requirement. Unusable items cannot be Used (in or out of combat) or equipped and are displayed with gray text.
  • Unidentified Items - Some objects cannot be used and are drawn in gray because they need to be identified. Most items can be identified by shoppe keepers for a small fee, though some may require the service of an expert to identify. Once the item is identified, you will be able to equip, use, and examine the object. If you find other objects of the same type, you won't need to identify them again.
  • Special - Objects that can enhance one of the owner's attributes (in both good or bad ways) are marked with an asterik "*" (such as the "Helmet" in the screenshot above). Note that these objects must actually be equipped for the bonus attribute to have effect. Also, some bow-class objects and hand weapons can actually target an entire group of monsters (not just an individual). Those weapons are marked with a plus sign "+" after their name (such as "Kaelan's Mace" in the screenshot above)
  • Equip / Unequip - To the left of each equippable item's name is a small check box. This box indicates whether the item is equipped (filled) or unequipped (cleared). In the screenshot, above, the first object, a key is not equippable, and the eighth object is not equippable because it cannot be used by the player. But the fourth object is equippable, but unequipped because the check box is cleared. Therefore the long bow is being carried, but not being used. Some things to remember about equipping objects are:
    • Character must be qualified to equip objects
      You can only equip objects that a character is qualified to use. If you are not qualified to use an object, its name is shown in gray rather than black text. Other characters in your party with different attributes may be able to use the item, so try checking the object's requirements and your other character's statistics.
    • Character must equip objects for them to have effect
      In order to take advantage of armor or enchanted objects that you find, you must equip them. For example, leather armor will not protect the character who carries it unless the armor is equipped. Likewise, an enchanted ring will have no effect on a magic user's abilities unless it is equipped.
    • Characters can only equip one object of each type
      You can only equip one of each type of object at a time. For example, if you find a better shield than the one you currently have equipped, then equipping the new shield will automatically unequip the old shield. Likewise, if you find a new type of enchanted necklace, then equipping the new necklace would unequip any other necklace that character may have had equipped.
    • Characters must equip weapons to attack with them
      Just like armor and other enchanted objects must be equipped for them to have an effect, so must spell casting devices, bows, and hand-to-hand combat weapons be equipped for them to be used by default when attacking in combat. Again, note that only one hand-to-hand weapon (such as a sword) may be equipped at a time. If you do not have any weapons equipped, then your character will simply punch when attacking, with minimal affect.