Cast Spell
There are many types of spells available to your characters throughout the course of the game. Each character class specializes in casting certain types of spells, so examining the spells list is very helpful prior to choosing the members of your party. Although the mage classes: sorcerer, necromancer, and wizard are the most powerful spell-casters, all character classes can learn spells at certain spell levels.
  • Advance One Spell Level Every Four Promotions - Each character class can attain knowledge of spells at up to four successively more advanced spell levels. All characters start out with knowledge of spells at spell level one for their particular class. For a character to learn new spells, he or she must achieve four promotions to reach the next spell level. The character level advancements where that character learns the next level of spells happen when they are promoted to level 5, 9, and 13.
  • Select a Spell Level - When you select the CAST SPELL menu option (either in or out of combat), you will be presented with a menu like the screen above which shows the spell menu for a particular character. The top-right menu lists the four spell levels. The bottom half of the screen lists all the spells that are currently available to the spell-caster at that particular level. Although low level characters will be able to select any of the four spell levels from the menu, no spells will be listed at spell levels that have not been learned.
  • Combat and Non-Combat Spells - There are two types of spells in the game: combat spells which can only be cast during combat, and non-combat spells which may be cast out of combat. Note that many spells (such the heal player spell) can be cast both in and out of combat. When selecting CAST SPELL from the character menu, only spells that can be cast in non-combat situations will be shown. Likewise, when selecting CAST SPELL during a combat encounter, only spells that can be cast in combat will be shown for each spell level.
  • Spell Point Cost - All spells consume the caster's spell points. If your character has enough spell points to cast a certain spell, then it will be listed in black text. If the character knows and can cast the spell, but currently doesn't have enough spell points to cast it, the spell name will be printed in light gray text. There are several ways to recharge spell points -- see the Spells section for more information.

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