There are a number of specializations in the magical arts. Because of their similarity, some families of spells are only known to a single character class that takes the time and effort to practice that spell group; while other spells are easier, or more generalized and are studied by more than one character class. All character classes have the ability to cast spells, though mage classes are obviously able to cast much more powerful spells than fighter classes. For information on casting spells, see the Spell Casting section.

Spell points:

Be aware that because the flow of mana is influenced by celestial bodies, spell casters are affected slightly by the phase of the moon. At fuller moon phases, the cost in spell points to cast will drop by a point or two, and when the moon is less visible, the cost to cast a spell increases slightly.

Spell points are recharged in a number of ways. Some naturally occuring fruit is known to restore spell points. There may be special hidden fountains throughout the realm which can rejuvenate your party's spell points. And you can purchase stores of mana energy from a temple. However, the most common way to recharge spell points is through exposure to sunlight. At mid day, spell points recharge the quickest as you roam around outside, however, you can still absorb some energy in the morning and evening. Because spell casters' bodies are more adept at using magic energy, they are able to recharge their spell points twice as fast as fighter classes.

Spell List:

In order from most defensive to most offensive, the main categories of spells are:

Portal Spells

In Dragon Bane II, most pentagrams throughout the realm act as anchors for teleport spells, however many teleport fields and pentagrams have special behavior, so you cannot rely on a pentagram to serve as a portal home until you try it out.

Spell Name Spell Points Sorc Necro Wiz Description
Open Portal 10 1 1 1 Temporarily opens a rift which can teleport you back to the safety of New Treleon. Note that this rift can only be cast on certain magical squares marked with a pentagram. And because the rift only lasts for a moment, your party must enter the portal immediately after casting it, or it will disappear. Upon returning to New Treleon, however, your party can take all the time it needs to rest up before using the return portal outside the King's Court to return to the point where they left the dungeon.
Open Gateway 14 3 3 3 More powerful mages are able to cast the gateway spell, which, like the portal, teleports the party back to the safety of New Treleon. However, unlike the Portal, Gateway spells can stay open indefinitely (or until used or the party casts another Portal or Gateway). Casting this spell on your way into a dungeon guarantees that you will not run out of spell points when you need a quick escape.

Thief and Treasure Spells

Spell Name Spell Points Value Thief Description
Pick Lock 0 1 All thieves learn lock picking techniques when first starting out. Lock picking is a skill that improves over time. Level 1 thieves have a 34% chance to pick a lock. With every character level, the thief gains another 5% chance to successfully pick a lock. A thief who fails to pick a lock may set off a trap without opening the lock. See the Treasure section for more information.
Alchemy 7 15 1 Alchemy is often thought to be a bar trick, used to trick strangers out of their gold. But thieves know that with a little magic, alchemy can also be used to yield more than just fools' gold from ordinary dirt. When in a pinch for gold, this spell can be cast to add 30 gold to your party's purse.
Materialize 12 40 2 With more experience, and the application of more spell points, thieves become more efficient at materializing gold.
Confuse 7 2 When a thief's mind is focused, and it's gaze locks with most any foe, he or she can cause the mind of its target to become temporarily confused -- losing one turn during combat.
Trap Zap 4 3 An ancient secret -- part skill, part magic -- passed along between thieves. Trap zap has a high chance of opening a lock, but if it fails, the attempt could trigger a trap that may injur the thief or his party. See the Treasure section for more information.
Berserk 9 4 Higher level thieves, with the applicaiton of more spell points, can sometimes actually hypnotize his or her target into going berserk -- attacking a fellow monster for one turn of combat.

Healing and Curing Spells

Note that although Necromancers are able to cast a few elementary healing spells, because they are not nearly as adept at healing as the Sorcerer, they require one extra spell point to cast the limited selection of healing spells they know.

Spell Name Spell Points Effect Healing Power Trog Sorc Necro Description
Treat Player 3 Character 10 1 2 Treats minor wounds for up to 10 HP for an individual character.
Treat Party 6 Party 15 2 3 Treats every character in your party for up to 15 health.
Regenerate Player 6 Individual 30 2 4 Heals wounds for up to 30 HP for an individual character.
Regenerate Party 12 Party 35 3 Heals wounds for up to 35 HP for your entire party.
Heal Player 10 Individual 100 3 Closes and heals major wounds for an individual character for up to 100 HP
Heal Party 24 Party 140 4 Closes and heals major wounds for your entire party for up to 140 HP.
Restore All Health 40 Party Full 4 Divine aid restores entire party to full health.
Cure Poison 5 Individual 2 2 Cures most types of poisons inflicted by venomous creatures.
Cure Daze 9 Individual 3 3 Focuses a dazed character's mind.
Cure Insanity 7 Individual 3 3 Cures any form of insanity inflicted upon your character.
Resurrect 60 Individual 4 4 Brings a dead character back to life with one hit point.

Defensive Spells

Spell Name Spell Points Effect Armor Trog Thief Sorc Description
Mystical Armor 4 Party 1/5/5 1 1 Envelopes party in a green fog, lowering each character's armor class by 1 point for a short period of time.
Resist Fire 4 Individual +50% 2 A swirling vaccuum surrounds your party, consuming much of the air a fire attack would have used to burn your party
Aura of Fortune 7 Party 2/10/10 2 2 An invisible shell helps to deflect attacks for a short period of time.
Kaelan's Blessing 12 Party 3/15/15 3 3 Prays to the ghost of legendary hero, Kaelan, for temporary protection from forces of evil.
Iqtar's Magic Coat 16 Party 4/20/15 4 4 Temporarily reinforces your party's armor with the magical essence of the iqtar's armor.
Invisibility 18 Party 5/0/20 4 Surrounds your party in a field which blurs their movements to the eyes of any attackers for a short time.
Resist Magic 6 Individual +50% 4 Phases your armor partly into the ethereal universe where it can better protect you from magical damage.

Charm Spells

Charm spells are both offensive and defensive in nature, and they all share one trait in common: their effect is temporary. While a charm is in effect, you will see the charm's icon drawn in the top-right corner of the dungeon view. When the time for that charm runs out, you will have to re-cast it. Other than light spells, no other charm spell "accumulates". For light spells, light increases with each new spell, charm, torch, or other +light enhancing item. But for all other charm spells, casting a new one replaces the old one. For example, casting the Kaelan's Blessing charm will draw the shield icon and lower your party's armor class by 3 for a while. But casting Mystical Armor afterward will replace that armor spell, renewing the time the spell will stay in effect, but reducing the effectiveness of your protection because it is a weaker armor spell.

Name Icon Spell Points Value Duration Dwarf Trog Thief Description
Magic Candle 2 1 130 1 1 1 A lit, ethereal candle materializes in your party's inventory. While in effect, you will see the torch charm in your 3-D view.
Magic Compass 4 150 1 1 A magical compass appears and points the way for a short time. While in effect, you will see the compass charm in your 3-D view.
Holy Flame 4 3 130 2 2 2 A glowing fireball hovers ahead of your party. While in effect, you will see the torch charm in your 3-D view.
Revelation 5 20' 20 2 2 A floating eyeball hovers in front of your party to warn you of nearby traps. While in effect, you will see the eyeball charm in your 3-D view.
Saving Throw 8 80 2 2 The gods grant your party members one more chance in the face of certain death. While in effect, you will see the heart charm in your 3-D view.
Levitation 6 110 2 2 Causes party to float a few inches above the ground. Most traps can be avoided this way. While in effect, you will see the carpet charm in your 3-D view.
Stealth 8 60 3 3 Makes your party undetectable to wandering monsters for a short time. While in effect, you will see the mask charm in your 3-D view.
Greater Revelation 10 50' 50 3 3 Similar to the revelation spell, but watches over a greater distance, for a longer period of time. While in effect, you will see the eyeball charm in your 3-D view.
Owl Eyes 5 4 130 3 3 3 Endows your party members' eyes with the night vision of an owl for a short while. While in effect, you will see the torch charm in your 3-D view.
Belligerence 8 80 4 4 This spell greatly increases the adrenaline of your melee fighters. Any party member using a hand weapon (that attacks a single target) will become enraged enough during combat to land two blows on an enemy in one combat round. While in effect, you will see the sword charm in your 3-D view.
Batch Spell 18 100 4 4 The ultimate scouting spell. Casts Greater Revelation, Levitation, Magic Compass, and Owl Eyes

Move Group Spells

Spell Name Spell Points Target Range Fighter Archer Thief Description
Near Foe 4 Group 70 2 2 A fighter's best friend (and the only spell he knows), the near foe spell can be used to levitate any monster group ten feet closer.
Far Foe 5 Group 70 2 3 A companion to ranged combatant, this spell can be used to keep dangerous melee attacking monster groups at arm's length while your spells and other ranged weapons finish them off.

Attribute Spells

Spell Name Spell Points Attribute Value Dwarf Sorc Description
Heart of Courage 2 strength +4 1 1 Can only be cast from combat. This spell increases a character's strength for the duration of that combat round.
Heart of Quickness 2 dexterity +4 2 2 This spell increases a character's dexterity for duration of the combat round.
Mark of the Valiant 6 strength +8 3 3 Provides a sharp surge of adrenaline that boosts a comrade's strength for the duration of a combat round.
Mark of the Nimble 6 dexterity +8 4 4 Magically augments a character's nimbleness, thus increasing his or her dexterity for duration of the combat round.

Summon Spells

Only the Necromancer and Wizard classes reserve valuable time in their training to learn summoning spells. Summoning mininions can be a very important part of your combat strategy. Not only do they deflect some damage that might otherwise hit another member of your party, but their melee attacks are sometimes very deadly, and the higher level minions summoned by the necromancer can cast valuable spells on behalf of your party during combat.

Summoned creatures cannot be controlled like normal players. During combat, summoned creatures may try to attack the closest monster group you face, or if they know spells, they may cast offensive or defensive spells during combat. Although summoned creatures are always listed in the last slot of your characters list, they are always in the front line (even though they are listed in the last slot of your party), vulnerable to melee attacks, and they cannot trade places with any other character in the list.

Because summoned creatures are illusionary, they cannot carry inventory or find items. And because summoned creatures are non-material beings, they are unaffected by spells such as poison, heal, insanity, strengthen, hasten, etc. A summoned creature that is injured cannot be healed; and when it is killed, it disappears. Note that summoned creatures are still vulnerable to magical and physical attacks, and are particularly vulnerable to magic-using foe that can cast the disbelieve spell. If any creature that you summon is disbelieved by a monster, it will vanish.

Spell Name Image Spell Points Range Necro Wiz Description
Wizard Wall 15 1 A heavy brick wall floats in front of your party absorbing a few of your enemy's attacks
Call Grizzly 15 1 Summons an imaginary grizzly bear to join your party and fight for you until the death.
Animated Sword 15 2 A magical sword floats in front of your party challenging all foes who cross your path.
Call Ghost of Kaelan 20 2 Summons the ghost of the legendary hero, Kaelan to help your cause. Kaelan's fist is a popular short-range attack for low-level wizards, and Kaelan's blessing will lower your party's armor class for a while. While Kaelan's ghost also has the ability to cast the saving throw spell, he is best when in hand-to-hand combat.
Summon the Iqtar 25 3 Summons the Iqtar to join your party for a while. The Iqtar is a very powerful combatant, who's razor-sharp talon attacks are second only to the Shoelan.
Wind Mage 30 3 A powerful mage joins your ranks. The wind mage has an array of healing spells at its disposal as well as the ability to temporarily increase a member of your party's strength during combat, and the ability to cast the powerful offensive "stones" spell.
Bind Shoelan 40 4 Forces an unwilling Shoelan demon from the depths of hell to serve your party. The Shoelan is feared even by high level monsters, and will show no mercy to any monster unfortunate enough to come within melee range.
Fire Elemental 35 4 An elemental brings fiery death to your enemies using an array of fire-based attacks and spells. The fire elemental also has the ability to cast the "confuse" spell against a foe, rendering it unable to attack for one round of combat.
Disbelieve 4 10' 2 2 Focuses your party's minds to disbelieve in summoned or imaginary foe in melee range.
Dispell 10 40' 4 4 A more powerful form of disbelieve that has a much higher chance of dispelling imaginary foe.

Necromancer Spells

The Necromancer's spells play a dual role by both attacking and healing during combat. Because both the offensive and defensive sides of the necromancers' spells are notably weaker than comparable spells known by the wizard and sorcerer, necromancers real power comes from attacking groups of monsters. When faced with a large group of foe, some necromancers can actually deal an admirable amount of damage, heal up the party, and end up with more spell points than he started out with.

It is important to learn to distinguish the effects of the various necromancer spells. Some heal hitpoints, some spellpoints, and some return both. Some spells only return energy to the caster, and some divide the hitpoints or spellpoints returned evenly among party members who need it. Some target a single foe, but the better ones target groups of monsters for a multiplier affect.

The sum of all damage inflicted is returned to the caster or his party according to the following table which shows that for minor attacks, most or all the damage is converted. But the efficiency of converting more damage to life or mana falls to about 50% for bloodier attacks.

Damage Inflicted Points Returned Damage Inflicted Points Returned
1 1 20 13
2 2 25 15
3 3 30 18
4 4 35 20
5 4 40 23
7 6 45 25
9 7 50 28
11 9 55 30
14 10 60 33
16 11 65 35

Spell Name Spell Points Target Regen Type Pysical/Fire/Magic Range Necro Description
Vampire 2 Single Caster HP 3/0/3 10 1 The necromancer lunges at his prey, biting its flesh to both inflict damage and use his victim's blood to heal his own body.
Life Drain 4 Group Party HP 2/0/3 10 1 A red glow eminates from a group of the caster's foes, until the life force builds to a point where it can jump out from their bodies over to the spell caster's party where it is absorbed by the party with a small healing affect.
Mana Sprite 5 Single Caster SP 5/0/7 20 2 A tiny, blue sprite lurches from the necromancer's hands to attack an enemy, sucking its life force -- before springing back to the caster, to heal his or her spellpoints.
Mana Spirit 6 Group Party SP 0/0/8 20 2 A ghost-like creature rises from the necromancer's chest and lunges through each member of a group of foe at up to 20', usurping their strength before returning to pass through the bodies of the caster's party, discharging a portion of its energy to regenerate their spell points.
Life Spirit 7 Group Party HP 2/0/8 30 2 Like the mana spirit, except this creature converts the life force of your enemies to hitpoints before discharging it to the caster's party.
Sun Sprite 8 Single Caster SP 0/6/16 40 3 A wisp like entity, who's origin is from the sun god itself -- slightly larger and more powerful than the mana sprite, sun sprites inflict more damage on their intended target, thus providing more spellpoint healing for the caster.
Blood Spirit 12 Group Party HP 10/0/8 50 3 An undead warrior spirit rises from the ground and walks right through a group of foes, absorbing their life force, and then turns around to walk right through your party, to returning it's energy as hit points to your party
Life Vortex 16 Group


HP & SP 12/0/10 60 3 A magical tornado-like vortex unwinds from the necromancer's fingertips, engulfs a group of enemies, and drains their life force back up to the caster.
Spell Sprite 14 Single Caster SP 0/0/28 60 4 Spell sprites are pure magical energy, and as such, they are the most effective member of the sprite family at recharging a necromancer's spell points. 
Soul Spirit 18 Group Party HP 15/0/15 60 4 When the corpse has disintegrated, some fallen blood spirits become soul spirits, eternally bound the the ethereal planes of existence.   Their only escape is the brief cases where they are summoned by a necromancer to rise up, and walk through a group of enemies, soaking up a devastating 15-30 life.   To repay the necromancer for this brief chance to experience life, the soul spirit returns some of this energy to the necromancer's party.
Death's Blessing 22 Group Party HP & SP 20/0/20 70 4 Ethereal tentacles of death itself launch out from behind the necromancer, piercing a group of foe, providing a conduit to replenish the caster and the rest of his party's hit points and spell points.

Wizard Spells

Spell Name Spell Points Target Pysical/Fire/Magic Range Wiz Description
Kaelan's Fist 2 Single 0/0/9 20 1 Brings the wrath of Kaelan to a single opponent within a range of 20 feet.
Short Flame 4 Group 3/6/0 10 1 Causes a short magical flame to shoot from the spell-casters fingers, burning any group of foe in melee range.
Hail 5 All 7/0/1 40 1 Frozen shards of ice rain down on all your foes.
Fireball 4 Single 4/16/0 60 2 Conjures a magical fireball to launch from the spell-caster's hand, burning a single foe at up to a distance of 40 feet.
Stones 6 Group 18/0/0 30 2 Causes nearby stones to launch up off the ground at a group of monsters up to 30 feet away.
Quake 7 All 14/0/0 40 2 Violently shades the ground under your enemies, causing them to tumble over and be hit by debris
Lightning Bolt 9 Single 26/8/8 70 3 A single lightning bolt shoots from the spell caster's fingers singing a single foe at a range of up to 70 feet.
Rune of Freezing 12 Group 20/0/8 50 3 A powerful spell that chills a group of of monsters for up to a whopping 20-28 points of damage.
Flame Arc 16 All 4/18/0 40 3 A powerful jet of fire arcs from the spellcaster's fingertips singing anything in its path
Touch of the Iqtar 18 Single 10/0/50 70 4 Empowers the caster with the magical, invisible death grip of the Iqtar for one round of combat.
Shadow of Death 24 Group 8/0/42 40 4 The shadow of death itself sucks the life out of a group of foes at up to 30 feet for up to a whopping 8-50 points of damage.
Armageddon 30 All 15/35/15 40 4 Brings down the powerful wrath of a vengeful god down on any foe nearby.
Intervention 45 All 70/15/15 50 4 Summons the gods to intervene on behalf of your party: delivering a devastating 70-100 hitpoints of damage to all foe within 50', curing your party of all ailments, and restoring them to full health.

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