Return of Kra'an

The legend was true: the Dragon Bane sword was found to be the only effective agent against the Dragon King. With Kra'an defeated and his spirit imprisoned in the sword's gemstone, the dragon's power to disrupt the balance of good and evil was no longer a threat. A generation later, with the reconstruction of New Treleon forgotten, the Dragon Bane sword was entrusted to the Wizard's Council, and life had returned to normal.

Fortunately, some members of the King's Secret Guard have not become complacent. They believe the remnants of the cult of Kra'a, who worshipped and fought for their Dragon God in the first war, have regained enough of their strength to pose a formidable menace. It seems they have been busy recently: spreading their roots through your kingdom, laying new traps to ensnare any who may come to oppose them, and possibly, hatching a plan to re-construct their Lord, Kra'an, using the very sword that defeated him.

Ever since Raamtha's apprentice was elected to lead the Wizard's Council, the King's Secret Guard have noted suspicious activity in New Treleon. There are rumors that Kra'an could be revived, and shadowy figures have been seen frequenting murky taverns at night. Are the townsfolk fears misplaced, or is there a nefarious scheme in the works to bring Kra'an's revenge to the kingdom?

Little is known about what Kra'a, the evil cult that worships the dragon as a God have in store, except that if they are allowed to continue, it could mean a new, more devastating war that threatens the existance of the kingdom. The King's aversion to war has not only left the Kra'a society unchecked, but has allowed at least two brethren of the fallen Kra'an to seize isolated pockets of land in the far corners of the wilderness.

Starting from the King's Court, you will once again assemble some of the most heroic adventurers in the land to set out on a quest that will lead you through the treacherous Kra'a underworld. But the peace known by the last generation not only provided time to reconstruct New Treleon, but it has also provided for the development of powerful new instruments of war and cultivation of advances in the magical arts. Your tactical knowledge of how best to combine the resources available to you will allow you to create and lead a formidable party, ready to face the challenges of the unknown.

The Wizard's council pre-dates the Kingdom and had always been the wisdom behind every Kings' leadership. But now, it is in complete disarray. Helix, the leader of the Council and hero from the last war against Kra'an, has not been seen in years. Senior Council member, Raamtha, has apparently betrayed the King and vanished without a trace. The newly elected leadership is young and inexperienced. Now, more than ever, the King is relying on his Secret Guard and you to ensure the future safety of New Treleon.