Starting Out

king.gif Your adventure begins in the King's Court, in the capital city of New Treleon. Tap on the TALK menu item or press the "Notepad" hard key when it is highlighted to select it. See the Interface section for more information on navigating menus in Dragon Bane II.

After listening to the King, you will need to exit the King's Court building by selecting the EXIT menu item. Then you will be ready to explore the city. Note that at any time, you can tap the "Menu" silkscreen key in the graffiti area of your Palm device to drop down a menu where you can find help on using the Dragon Bane II interface.

You may wish to map out the city by travelling to each corner to locate buildings of interest. Buildings of interest will look different, have a flag or sign hanging in front of it, or be marked on the overhead map. If you ever get lost, refer to the overhead map (which is automatically updated during your travels) by tapping the "Find" silkscreen key. But be careful - it is probably best not to leave the city until you have assembled a party of companions.

Once you are comfortable with using the Dragon Bane II interface and are familiar with the city, your next task is to assemble a party of up to five adventurers to join your quest. You can add to or drop off characters from your party at any of the Innes located in New Treleon. Be sure to study the characters and character classes that are available carefully so that you build a well-balanced party.

As you explore, you may notice that the time changes. In Dragon Bane II, the sun and moon rise and set, the sky changes color, and stars come out at night. It gets dark in the late hours of night and early morning, so you will need to find ways to illuminate your world when outdoors at night, or exploring dark dungeons. You will find there are many ways to cope with darkness: troglodytes see better in the dark, there are spells to light your way, and torches and other light-enhancing items available throughout the realm.

After building up your party, you are ready to resume the King's quest. If you forgot any part of the King's instructions, he will be happy to repeat them to you if you return to the King's Court in the center of New Treleon. Each time you finish a portion of your quest, you may return to the King's Court to get new information.

Good Luck!

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