MythoLogical Software Dragon Bane II

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stack boulder

Starting at the lowest position on the map, your goal is to reach the highest possible elevation on the map by summoning an illusory "hull" on any flat grid square at a higher elevation and teleporting to it. You may also stack boulders on flat grid squares to gain height more quickly.
On some levels, your master may summon one or more illusions such as death mages. The death mage can be absorbed for spell points, but if it sees you, it will begin to burn away your shield, consuming your spell points.



Your master may also summon one or more Wizard's Apprentices to scan the terrain. If he fixes his gaze on you for even a short time, you will be teleported back to some location near the bottom of the map.
Several types of fields can spawn and disappear to help or trap you.



Special objects such as the WizardWall, sunfruit, teleport scroll, slow time scroll, levitation spell, and wings appear and disappear throughout the game.
Special objects can be absorbed into your inventory for use at an opportune time



There are 99 progressively more difficult levels. Accumulating special objects in lower levels will be helpful when enemies are faster and more numerous on later levels
There are many options to control music volume, graphics quality, and save game slots.