Occasionally, special objects appear throughout the realm. A special object will appear floating above a flat grid square for a short time, and if you see it, you can absorb it into your inventory by tapping on it or tapping it's grid square and using an Absorb Object key.

You have up to 8 slots in your inventory. All special objects except the wizardwall stack, meaning that more than one object of the same type will only take up one slot in your inventory; however each position can only stack up to 9 items. WizardWalls, however, each require their own inventory slot because each posesses a distinct number of spell points.

You can access your inventory during gameplay using the Action button just below the joystick. Other inventory menu controls are listed in the controls section.

The wizardwall is a portable shield that can protect you from the teleport spell of the Evil Apprentice and temporarily protect you against the firey attacks of the dragon and death mage. When you use the wizardwall, it is deployed between you and the nearest enemy in such a way as to block that enemy from seeing you. Each wall contains a certain number of spell points indicated in your inventory. When attacked by a dragon or death mage, those spell points are slowly burned away until the wall is completely subsumed by flame and it disappears. The wizardwall is imprevious to the Evil Apprentice, so even when you don't know where the nearest apprentice is, deploying a wizardwall is a good idea. If you move while the wall is deployed, simply tap it to absorb it back into your inventory. Any remaining spell points will remain with the wall.

Some trees grow ripe, orange sunfruits. If you stand right next to one, you can tap the sunfruit to pick it and store it in your inventory. When you consume a sunfruit, it boosts your energy (results may vary). Although the sunfruit is good when you need a quick boost to escape a tight situation, it's real value comes when you have aquired the maximum possible spell points. Eating a sunfruit will temporarily boost your spell points above the maximum. Sunfruits are permanent, meaning they don't disappear after a certain time limit -- like other special objects.

Teleport Scroll
Teleports you to a nearby square at a higher elevation. If there are no nearby squares higher than your location, the spell fails and you lose the scroll.

Slow Time Scroll
Slows time for a few minutes, while increasing your movement speed at the same time. When time is slowed, you have more time to think and manoever to absorb nearby objects, and it takes longer for an enemy to find you and longer for their attacks to eat away at your defenses.

Magic Carpet
The magic carpet casts the Levitation spell which lifts you straight up in the air a few feet.

The flight spell levitates you high up above the map so that you can look down and get a good perspective of what areas to move towards or avoid. While in flight, you are also immune to attacks, but you also cannot use any other items or cast any spells.