Quick Start Tutorial:


This tutorial will guide you from post-installation through the creation of your first mini-adventure, called "My Adventure". This tutorial assumes that (a) you have successfully installed the Dragon Bane II Adventure Construction Kit (DB2ACK), and (b) you are comfortable with basic Windows file operations using Windows Explorer such as copying files and directories, and editing files with a text editor such as Windows Notepad. This tutorial is in no way intended as a substitute for thoroughly reading the documentation.

Throughout the tutorial, we will refer to your "DB2ACK" directory which, by default, is C:\Program Files\DB2ACK, but may in fact be any directory that you chose when installing DB2ACK. Take a moment to note the location on your hard drive where you installed DB2ACK.

I. Create a new adventure

II. Modifying Data in your new adventure

III. Modifying Maps in your new adventure
IV. Modifying Graphics data